Stated Income Commercial Mortgages

Stated income commercial mortgages are a great alternative for borrowers who may have been turned down by banks. RSA Funding is a nationwide commercial mortgage broker and we have added stated income commercial mortgages to our product offerings. Many people who are self employed or are business owners will be turned down for a loan simply because they don’t show enough income. We can place those borrowers in a stated income loan that can close in as little as two to three weeks with a minimum amount of paperwork. Loan to values can be up to 80% ( depending on credit scores and property type). Property types include ( but are not limited to) 1-4 family non owner as well as multi-family, mixed use, retail, office, and warehouses. For more information call us at 855-475-FUND(3863) or


Contact Info:

Rob Shea

RSA Funding

34-3 Shunpike Rd. #223

Cromwell,Ct 06416



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